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About Us

Warm Embrace is a family owned business based in Northfield, Minnesota - home to Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges.  The town's motto: "colleges, cows and contentment", reflects the unique nature of this place.  My husband and I met at St. Olaf twenty-five years ago. Twenty-three years of marriage and three children later, we still find Northfield a sweet place to live. 

The idea for Warm Embrace was born from a recognition of how limited the current on-line offerings were for get well and sympathy gifts.  From our own experience searching for such gifts, it was easy to see that the market was dominated by the flower and gift basket industries. We found both options to be lacking in their ability to communicate care and concern. Flowers wilt, and the contents of a gift basket are quickly consumed. Neither of these gifts last, nor are they particularly meaningful.  We wanted to offer a unique and sentimental gift alternative to customers, and embroidered blankets fit the bill. Blankets have sentimental and symbolic meaning, and best of all - they're made to last!

Many religious organizations today have prayer shawl or blanket ministries that offer blankets to people who are ill or grieving. These blankets can have a profound impact on their recipients.  Our business grew out of a desire to make these inspirational gifts available to a wider audience. We enjoy the thought of our blankets bringing smiles to, and easing burdens in, the hearts of those receiving them.

 We work with the best manufacturers in the textile industry to bring you a selection of the finest blankets available in a variety of natural and synthetic fibers. All of our products are privately labeled with our Warm Embrace trademark logo, giving them a unique presence in the marketplace, and making them a unique gift option for our customers.  

We hope you'll be thoroughly satisfied with your shopping experience, and will visit us again the next time you are in the market for an inspirational or personalized gift.  If you've enjoyed your experience here, please consider referring your friends and family to our site - or "like" us on Facebook.

Thanks again for shopping with us, ----

Lisa Landvik-Geyen
CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer)
Warm Embrace